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Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual - This guide are based on Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6+, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.and New Galaxy S7. To setup at the time of purchase and enjoy your smartphones. This instructions begin from the phone's Home screen, which is displayed by pressing the Home key. Some operation descriptions may be simplified.Whether you're new to Android or just new to your Galaxy S 6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge+ that the basic operation help you learn how to use it.
Galaxy S6 Edge Manual PDF
Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual Details

About the Samsung Manual PDF
Access Instructions on Phone
Access Help
Get Support from Manualtutorials
Get Started
Parts and Functions
Charge the Battery
Turn Your Phone On and Off
Use the Touchscreen
Activate Your Phone
Complete the Setup Screens
Basic Operations
Home Screen and Applications (Apps) List
Phone Settings Menu
Portrait and Landscape Screen Orientation
Capture Screenshots
Edge Screen
Edge Screen Notification Options
Other Edge Screen Features
Google Applications
Launch Applications
Apps List
Phone Number
Airplane Moe
Enter Text
Samsung Keyboard
Google Voice Typing
Tips for Editing Text
Google Account
Create a Google Account
Sign In to Your Google Account
Place Calls from Contacts/Call Logs
Place a Call from Contacts
Call from Call Logs
Optional Services
Voicemail Setup
Visual Voicemail
Set Up Visual Voicemail
Review Visual Voicemail
Listen to Multiple Voicemail Messages
Visual Voicemail Options

Galaxy S6 Edge+ User Guide/Manual
Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual

Configure Visual Voicemail Settings
Caller ID Blocking
Call Waiting
Conference Calling
Call Forwarding
Call Settings
Add a Contact
Check Contacts
Contacts Screen Layout
Edit a Contact
Delete a Contact
Share a Contact
Profile Sharing
Import Contacts
Back Up Contacts
Messaging and Internet
Text and Multimedia Messaging
Send a Text Message
Send a Multimedia Message (MMS)
Send an Enhanced Message
Save and Resume a Draft Message
New Messages Notification
Manage Message Conversation
Create and Send Gmail
Check Received Gmail Messages
Open New Gmail Messages
Open Gmail Messages
Manage Gmail Messages
Use Gmail Labels
Archive Gmail Threads
Mute Gmail Threads
Delete Gmail Threads
Search Gmail Messages
Report Spam or Phishing Gmail
Add Another Google (Gmail) Account
Switching Between Gmail Accounts

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus User Guide/Manual Email

Set Up an Email Account
Add an Email Account
Add an Exchange ActiveSync Account
Compose and Send Email
Open New Email Messages
Open Email Messages
Delete an Email Account
Manage Your Email Inbox
Exchange ActiveSync Email Features
Data Services General Information (4G LTE and 3G Networks)
Your User Name
Data Connection Status and Indicator
Use the Browser
Add a Bookmark
View Browser History
Open New Browser Tab
Chrome Browser
Camera and Video
Take Pictures and Record Videos
Take a Picture
Viewfinder Screen
Record Videos
Shooting Mode
View Pictures and Videos Using Gallery
Edit Pictures
Share Pictures and Videos
Send Pictures or Videos by Email or Gmail
Send a Picture or Video by Multimedia Message
Send Pictures or Videos Using Bluetooth
Share Pictures or Videos via Additional Apps or Social Media
Share Videos on YouTube
Camera Options and Settings
Switch Cameras
Set Camera Options
Apps and Features
Add an Event to the Calendar
View Calendar Events
Share Calendar Events
Sync Calendars
Synchronize an Exchange ActiveSync Calendar
Clock: Set Alarms, World Clock
Galaxy Apps
Google Hangouts
Google Maps
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Play Movies & TV
Google Play Music
Google Play Newsstand
Google Search
Use Google Search
Use Google Voice Search
Lookout Security
My Files
Peel Smart Remote
S Health
S Voice
Voice Recorder
App Spotlight
Messaging Plus
NBA Game Time
Samsung Milk Music
Samsung Pay
Transfer Files Between Your Phone and a Computer
Turn Wi-Fi On and Connect to a Wireless Network
Wi-Fi Settings
Disconnect Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth Information
Enable Bluetooth
Pair Bluetooth Devices
Connect to a Paired Bluetooth Device
Share Information Using Bluetooth
Receiving Data via Bluetooth
Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service
Activate Sprint Worldwide Service on Your Account
Your Phone’s SIM Card for International Roaming
Set Network Mode Options
Make and Receive Worldwide Calls
Sprint International Voicemail Service
Set Up Your Voicemail Access Number for International Use
Access Your Voicemail Internationally
International Data Roaming
International Roaming Status Messages
Contact Sprint for Assistance with International Service

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual Settings

Basic Settings
Wi-Fi Calling Settings
Wi-Fi Settings Menu
Bluetooth Settings
Hotspot Settings
Airplane Mode
Data Usage Settings
Mobile Networks Settings
NFC and Payment
More Connection Settings
Tethering Settings
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Default Messaging App Settings
Sounds and Notifications Settings
Sound Mode
Ringtones and Sounds
Sound Quality and Effects
Display Settings
Edge Screen Settings
Motions and Gestures
Applications Settings
Application Manager
Default Applications
Calendar Settings
Camera Settings
Contacts Settings
Email Settings
Internet Settings
Messages Settings
Music Settings
Phone Settings
S Voice Settings
Weather Settings

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual Wallpapers

Lock Screen and Security Settings
Lock Screen and Security Overview
Screen Lock
Disable the Screen Lock
Privacy and Safety
Private Mode
Report Diagnostic Info
Send SOS Message
Location Settings
Accessibility Settings
Vision Accessibility Settings
Hearing Accessibility Settings
Dexterity and Interaction Settings
Configure Other Accessibility Settings
Add Accounts
Backup and Reset
Factory Data Reset
Language and Input Settings
Battery Settings
Power Saving Mode
Ultra Power Saving Mode
Storage Setting
Date and Time Settings

Galaxy S6 Edge User Guide/Manual Videos