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Galaxy S7 Home Screen

Galaxy S7 Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen
Galaxy S7 Home Screen
The following topics describe how to use and customize your Samsung Galaxy S7 Home screen, understand the status bar, and use the notification panel. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Release Date on 21 February from Mobile World Congress, nonetheless it will similarly be hurling in freebies. Samsung looks set to give away its Gear VR headset. Get Free Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Home Screen Basics

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Home screen is the starting point for your phone’s applications, functions, and menus. You can customize your Galaxy S7 Home screen by adding application icons, shortcuts, folders, widgets, and more.
Galaxy S7 Home Screen Layout
Your Home screen extends beyond the initial screen. Swipe the screen left or right to display additional screen

Galaxy S7 Edge Home Screen
Application icons
Application icons are shortcuts to favorite applications. You can add and remove these shortcuts as you wish.
Applications (Apps) list
Tap to open the applications (apps) list. The apps list key is a primary shortcut available from all Home screens.
Notification area
The notification area of the status bar (on the left) displays notifications for incoming messages, missed calls, application updates, and more.
People edge
Tap to open the People edge. See People Edge.
Primary shortcuts
Primary shortcuts are application shortcuts that appear in the same location on all of your phone’s Home screens. These are customizable except for the Applications (Apps) shortcut, which remains static.
Status area
The status area of the status bar (on the right) displays phone and service status information such as signal strength, battery status, Wi-Fi and data connectivity, ringer status, and time.
Status bar
The status bar displays icons to notify you of your phone’s status (on the right side) and notifications (on the left side).
Widgets are self-contained apps that reside and operate on your phone’s home screen.
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Tip for Galaxy S7 Home Screen

The indicator Galaxy S7 Home Screen above the primary shortcuts lets you know your current screen position. Read More Samsung Galaxy S7 Manual
Press the Home key to return to the main home screen from any other screen. Advertisement