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BlackBerry Priv Android

BlackBerry Priv Android

BlackBerry Priv Android Security
BlackBerry Priv Android - The Best Power of BlackBerry is now on Android PRIV combines the superior privacy and security you’ve come to expect from BlackBerry with the flexibility of Android’s ecosystem and apps. It protects your mobile experience from the device level up to the application level, and offers a powerful suite of tools through which you can take charge of your private data. The end result is a device that you can trust will offer you better protection from threats against your apps, networks, and most importantly personal information.

BlackBerry Priv Android

BlackBerry Priv Android
BlackBerry Priv is the best BlackBerry Privacy. BlackBerry and Android together have a long and storied history. The BlackBerry 10 OS runs an Android app player and features an Android app store, while BES and BlackBerry security apps support a wide range of Android endpoints. PRIV is the natural next step in the relationship between the two platforms, expanding on the most comprehensive security solution available for privacy-minded consumers and enterprises alike. This solution focuses on four key areas:
• Empowering the user with advanced privacy controls
• Protecting applications and data at every level, starting with the hardware
• Enhancing device security with a productivity-first approach
• Augmenting the native Android experience with BlackBerry’s security expertise
No matter what you use it for, BlackBerry PRIV is designed to keep you safe and secure.

BlackBerry Priv Android More Secure

BlackBerry Priv Android
Designed With Security at its Core PRIV smartphone layered approach to security leverages BlackBerry’s mobile security chops and combines them with Google’s Android security improvements. In addition to the standard measures found in Android for Work, BlackBerry have hardened the platform at every level. Our improvements also bring with them our long-standing focus on the user experience: a seamless division between personal and work data, effortless management of conversations and notifications, and a strong focus on privacy visibility and control.

Manufacturing Process/Root of Trust With PRIV, BlackBerry built security into the device from the start rather than layering on defences after production. Our manufacturing process establishes a hardware root of trust, a proprietary technique that adds security keys to the processor on BlackBerry PRIV as it is built. Those keys are then used to track, verify, and provision each PRIV meaning that the authenticity and integrity of your device is guaranteed, as is the safety of the data it holds.

BlackBerry Priv Android Better Bootloader
When you boot up your device, it’s important that you’reable to trust that only a BlackBerry signed OS can be loaded and it hasn’t been tampered with since the last restart. That’s where PRIV secure boot process comes in. Starting with the hardware Root of Trust, each stage of the secure boot chain must first verify that the next component is fully intact before proceeding.

BlackBerry Priv Android
BlackBerry Priv Android OS-Level Protection Increasing the integrity of the Android OS is a cornerstone of BlackBerry PRIV. To that end, the device incorporates a number of improvements to Android’s base security, locking down or blocking many unnecessary Android features that could give an attacker the opportunity to compromise your device. These improvements include preventing older versions of the OS from being loaded after a device upgrade and locking down Android’s core memory.

BlackBerry PRIV runs Android Lollipop (version 5.1.1 or later), which includes several security enhancements of its own:
  • Smart lock: Allows you to unlock your device by displaying your face or placing it near another trusted device.
  • Multi-user, restricted profile, and guest modes.
  • Containerization through Android for Work.
  • Address Space Layout Randomization: This Android feature, which makes it more difficult for attackers to target a device by scrambling application/system memory, is enhanced on PRIV.

BlackBerry Priv Android Security

BlackBerry Priv Android
BlackBerry solutions meet the full range of security needs, from small businesses up to the highest levels of security control. With BlackBerry Balance technology and Secure Work Space, employees can have a space for their personal use without sacrificing your security needs. From basic BYOD to government-grade mobile security for those handling sensitive information, BlackBerry offers the ultimate device management solution to enable compliance for all environments.

Other benefits include:
A secure device OS with automated integrity checks and hardware root-of-trust App security through code signing, sandboxing, and built-in tools to protect against malicious software Compliance monitoring (e.g. detection of jail-broken devices and disallowed app installations) and automated enforcement of corporate policies END-TO-END SOLUTION
BlackBerry provides full security from BES12 to your choice of end-points. BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus works with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, protecting your most important asset your business data.

BlackBerry extends EMM capabilities to BBM Protected for end-to-end encrypted instant messaging, and BlackBerry Blend for secure access to BlackBerry content from desktops, laptops and tablets. In addition to locking down the BlackBerry Priv Android operating system and securing the boot process, BlackBerry PRIV features a number of other security enhancements.

BlackBerry Priv Secure Compound
Build on BlackBerry’s renowned security software, the Secure Compound provides a trusted environment for the protection of sensitive data and security-focused applications. It’s leveraged by the Secure Boot Process, BlackBerry Integrity Detection, and the protection and generation of security keys and device passwords.

BlackBerry Priv Always On, Full-disk Encryption
By default, BlackBerry PRIV encrypts user data, ensuring information stored on the device is only accessible to users who enter the password/PIN. BlackBerry PRIV further enhances this encryption by protecting the key with BlackBerry Secure Compound.

BlackBerry Integrity Detection
BlackBerry Integrity Detection constantly monitors for events or configuration changes that could indicate a compromise to the security of BlackBerry PRIV. These include:
  • Safeguarding itself from tampering by running within the BlackBerry Secure Compound.
  • Validating hardware to detect if your device has been rooted.
  • Checking the Android OS and file-system for unauthorized changes.
  • Verifying that Android trusted apps, firmware, and security policies are all still functional.
  • Detecting attempts to disable high-security applications.
  • Sending data to EMM solutions, BlackBerry Priv DTEK Security by BlackBerry, and third-party apps for real-time alerts.

BlackBerry Priv is the BlackBerry Privacy

Keep your data private and share with confidence Every component of BlackBerry PRIV works together to protect the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of your apps and data all without impeding you. BlackBerry PRIV smartphone security measures protect your device against outside threats, while its privacy tools empower you to directly manage how and where your data is used. With BlackBerry PRIV, whether you’re working with financial reports or sending selfies, you are the one that’s in control. Advertisement