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HTC 10 Reset

HTC 10 Reset

HTC 10 Manual / User guide - HTC 10 Reset tutorial resetting your HTC 10. The HTC 10 processor is concerned, Processor – Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-center HMP tornado innovation (6 direction for each cycle ability) you should know HTC just fused the effective snapdragon chipset and for the cell phone of mid 2016, there would be Qualcomm 820/82X chipset that are experiencing the testing and early specimen producing stage. Nonetheless, there is no sign from the Qualcomm the chip goliath.

HTC 10 Reset

HTC 10 not responding? If HTC 10 does not respond when you touch the screen or press the buttons, you can still restart it. This HTC 10 Tutorial Reset :
Press and hold the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons for at least 10 seconds then restarts.

HTC 10 Soft reset

If HTC 10 is running slower than normal, is unresponsive, or has an app that is not performing properly, try rebooting and see if that helps solve the problem.
1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on.
2. Press and hold the POWER button, and then tap Restart.
3. When asked to confirm, tap Restart.

HTC 10 Resetting network settings
HTC 10 Reset the network settings when you're having problems connecting HTC 10 to your mobile data or Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices.
1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Backup & reset.
2. Tap Network settings reset.
3. Tap Reset settings.
4. Tap Reset settings.

HTC 10 Hard reset

If HTC 10 has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, you can perform a HTC 10 factory reset (also called a hard reset or HTC 10 master reset). A factory reset reverts the phone back to its initial state the state before you turned on the phone for the first time.

Factory reset will remove all data on your phone storage, including apps you've downloaded and installed, your accounts, your files, as well as system and app data and settings. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.
1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > HTC 10 Backup & reset.
2. Tap Reset phone.
To also delete media and other data from your storage card, select Erase SD card.
3. Tap OK.
A HTC 10 factory reset may not permanently erase all data from your phone, including personal information. Advertisement