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LG G5 Universal Remote

LG G5 Universal Remote

LG G5 Universal Remote - LG G5 User Guide control your compatible devices TV, cable, surround sound system, air conditioner, and more with the LG G5. The LG G5 remote controls will appear in your notifications shade when you drag it down.

LG G5 Universal Remote

LG G5 Quickremote, You can also set it to come on automatically on your lock screen when you get home with these LG G5 Manual in easy steps:

LG G5 QuickRemote turns your phone into a Universal Remote for your home TV, set-top box
and audio system, and more.

LG G5 QuickRemote Set up

1 Touch LG G5 Homescreen and slide the Status bar downward and
tap Remote > ADD REMOTE. If you can not see
, tap Remote > checkmark QuickRemote to
- OR -
Tap O > O > Apps tab (if necessary) > Remote
> tap +.
2 Select the type and brand of the device, then
follow the on-screen instructions to configure
the device.

LG G5 Access your QuickRemote
3 Once you have completed the initial set up,
you can easily access the QuickRemote from
the Notification panel. Open the Notification
panel and use the QuickRemote functions.
4. To reset devices read LG G5 Reset

• The LG G5 Universal Remote operates the same way as an ordinary remote control infrared (IR) signals. Be careful not to cover the infrared sensor at the top of the phone when you use the LG QuickRemote function. This function may not be supported depending on the model, the manufacturer or service company. Advertisement