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VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Manual
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide Manual - VIVO launched what will be its flagship for the coming year, the Xplay 5 Elite, and the Xplay 5. VIVO Xplay 5 EliteThis beast of a phone is the more powerful of the two models launched today. The Xplay 5 Elite os features a metal unibody and uses the best in the industry, Gorilla Glass 4 sheets to shield the dual-curved 5.43″ Super AMOLED Quad HD screen. The phone is comes packing a Snapdragon 820 chipset with what is already being looked at as borderline crazy, 6GB of RAM.

VIVO Xplay 5 User Guide

The Xplay 5 Elite will skip the memory card slot and will come equipped with 128GB flash storage out of the box.The camera setup on the phone boasts of the powerful 16-MP (Sony IMX298) snapper with phase-detection AF and dual-tone LED flash at the back and an 8-MP camera at the front.The Xplay 5 Elite is a dual-SIM ready, supports LTE networks, Hi-Fi 3.0 (2*ES9028+OPA1612), and comes with a 3,600 mAh battery along with a fingerprint scanner on the back.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide

The Xplay 5 Elite comes with the company’s Funtouch launcher on top of Android 5.1 Lollipop. It also supports split-screen multitasking and will launch on March 8 in China and for a cool price of CNY 4,288 (Approx Rs 44,000)

The VIVO Xplay 5 is the younger sibling of the Elite model which was earlier in benchmark leaks was thought to be a “Lite” variant of the Xplay 5. It comes with the same design of the Elite and features a 5.43″ Super AMOLED QHD display, along with the same camera setup, and 128GB storage.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite and Button

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide
1. Light & Proximity sensors 2. Earpiece 3. SIM Pin jack 4. Card tray 5. Menu button 6. Front camera 7.Notification light 8. Touch screen 9. Home button 10. Back button 11. Headset jack 12. Speaker 1 13. Volume button 14. Power button 15. Speaker 2 16. Microphone 17. Rear camera 18. flash 19. Fingerprint Reader 20. USB interface.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite keys and widgets
Notification light: You can go to "Settings > More settings" to set each switch of "Notification light".
Light & Proximity sensor: To ensure the proper functionality of light sensor and proximity sensor, please always keep this window clean and do not cover it when decorating you phone (such as attaching a protective film).

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Photo sensing: The light sensor can detect the brightness of the surroundings automatically and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.
Before using this function, please go to "Settings > Brightness > Auto-brightness" and choose "On".

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Proximity sensor: This widget can automatically detect the distance between you and your phone when you are making a call. If you are very close to your phone, the screen will turn off to prevent you from accidentally activating functions. This function does not work when you use a headset or when the speaker is on.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Volume button: You can adjust the volume using the volume button.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Touch screen: Using the touch screen can make it easier to select options or perform functions.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide

Please read the User Manual following VIVO Xplay 5 Elite notes service repair manual:
To avoid scratching the touch screen, do not bring sharp tools into contact with the screen.
Do not allow the touch screen to come into contact with other electronic devices. Electrostatic discharges can cause the touch screen to malfunction.
Do not allow the touch screen to come into contact with water. The touch screen can malfunction in a damp environment or when in contact with water.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Menu button: In standby mode, you can press this button to view function options. You can set the personalized widgets and scene desktops for the phone.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Front/Rear camera: Take a photo/video
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Receiver: You can hear the caller through the receiver when on the phone.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Power button
If your phone is off, you can long press this key to turn your phone on. If your phone is on, you can long press this key and then choose to turn if off or perform other operations when the option menu is displayed. When making calls, you can tap this key to save battery power by sending the screen to sleep. If you tap again, the screen will come back on.
You can quickly tap this button to lock the screen in any interface (except incoming/outgoing calls, and alarm interfaces). The screen will be turned off when locked but the phone is still able to receive incoming calls.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Home button
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite User Guide
You can tap this key to enable a running application to run in the background. Recent tasks will be displayed if you tap and hold this button when your phone is in standby mode. You can use this function to quickly find recently used apps.You can tap this button to return to the VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Home screen.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Back button: You can tap this key to return to the previous menu or operation.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Flash: The flash provides extra light when you take photos or record videos, and it can also be used as a flashlight.

VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Shutter: On any screen, tap and hold the button to start the camera, or double-tap to capture 5 shots. In the Camera interface, lightly tap the button to focus, full tap to shoot, or tap and hold to take continuous pictures.
VIVO Xplay 5 Elite Microphone: Transfer sound when you make calls.
Speaker 1/2: Playing sound.
USB port: You can connect your phone to other devices such as a charger or computer using a data cable.
SIM card tray: Install/Remove the SIM.
Pin jack: Insert the pin into the SIM pin jack on the side body, and press it inwards to eject the SIM card tray.
Headphone jack: You can connect headphones to your phone using the headphone jack. Advertisement