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Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide

Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide

Xiaomi Mi 5 Quick User Guide
Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide - Here’s a Xiaomi Mi 5 User Manual / Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide for those still wondering what he/she should do after unboxing the Xiaomi Mi 5. Protect your Xiaomi Mi 5. Protect your phone physically with a screen protector and case cover.

Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide

After Xiaomi Mi 5 Unboxing, the hard part is over, you've installed MIUI and you've powered on your device. Select your preferred language at the welcome screen (i.e. the first screen yousee after turning on your device) (left). On the following screen (right), you can select a wireless network to connect to (Tip: using Wi-fi networks when everpossible will reduce your mobile data usage).
You've successfully connected Xiaomi Mi5 or Xiaomi Mi5 Pro to a wireless network, touch Next to go to the SIM card configuration screen. If you haven't inserted a SIM card (or have inserted the SIM card incorrectly) you can either Power off your phone if you want to insert one or Continue if you want to skip this step.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Tutorial Install SIM card.

Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide
Remove the back cover, insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot with the metal tab facing downwards. And for your info, Xiaomi Mi 5 is using the standard (not micro, or nano) SIM card.
Install memory card. Xiaomi Mi 5 supports Micro SD memory card with maximum capacities of 32GB. If you’ve bought the memory card together with the phone, it’s time to insert it into the memory slot before closing the back cover.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Quick Start Guide.

Read the Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide / Xiaomi Mi 5 Quick Start Guide that comes in the box, and quickly learn about the device layout and the locations of the SIM card and SD card slots.

Charge your Xiaomi Mi 5.
Usually, the battery Xiaomi Mi 5 is not fully charged when you first turn on your Mi 5. So, go ahead and use the USB cable to connect to your computer for charging. For your info, Xiaomi Mi 5 only comes with a USB, but not the USB power adapter.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Setup Guide

Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide
When you switch on your Mi 5 for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set it up. Just follow the onscreen instructions, and it’ll be up and running in no time.
Go through the Readme app.

Looking for the Xiaomi Mi 5 user guide ?
Download Xiaomi Mi 5 User Manual, Read Xiaomi Mi5 Pro user guide and FAQ.

Update firmware Xiaomi Mi 5,
  • Launch the Settings app, and go to General settings > About phone.
  • Next, tap the System updates button to check for an update.
  • It’s a good practice to make sure you’ve the latest firmware before you start using it.
If you do need help on this topic, check out Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Update apps.

Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide
Surely, not all built-in apps are up to date when you first power on your Xiaomi Mi 5. And by default, the pre-installed apps from the Play Store will update automatically as soon as you’ve the Wi-Fi connected. If not, you can launch Play Store,
  • tap the Menu icon on Xiaomi Mi 5,
  • select My apps and tap Update All.
Enable password on the lock screen. By default, the screen lock security is set to None. On your Xiaomi Mi5, find and
Launch Settings, and then go to
Security > Screen security >
Screen lock to configure the method of protection you want. (PIN, Password or Pattern Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide/Manual)

Xiaomi Mi 5 Manual PDF

Download Xiaomi Mi 5 User Guide/Manual PDF here. Advertisement