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iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos

iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos

iPhone 7 Guide
iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos - The new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the new iPhone Pro built in the best dual camera to get the best pictures. To organize the moment in album tab includes albums you create yourself and some albums that are created for you, depending on how you use Photos.

iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos

With New iPhone 7, you can take both still photos and HD videos. And, there are two cameras in addition to the iSight camera on the back of iPhone, there’s a camera on the front that you can use for FaceTime calls and selfies. This Simple iPhone 7 Guide to organize youy moments, for example, videos are automatically added to the Videos album and you see a My Photo Stream album if you use that feature. All your photos in iCloud are in the All Photos album if you use iCloud Photo Library. If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, you see the Camera Roll album instead, which includes photos and videos you took with iPhone and from other sources. If you use iCloud Photo Library, albums are stored in iCloud and are up to date and accessible on any iOS 10 or later device, Mac with OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 or later, and on iCloud.com using the same Apple ID. See iCloud Photo Library.

iPhone 7 Plus Guide Create a new album.

Tap Albums, tap , enter a name, then tap Save. Select photos and videos to add to the album, then tap Done.
Add items to an existing album. While viewing thumbnails, tap Select, select items, tap Add To, then select the album.

iPhone 7 Plus Tutorial Manage albums. While viewing your album list, tap Edit.
••Rename an album: Select the album, then enter a new name.
••Rearrange albums: Drag .
••Delete an album: Tap .
With iCloud Photo Library, you can manage all your albums from any iOS 9.3 or later device set up with iCloud Photo Library.
Mark your favorites. While viewing a photo or video, tap to automatically add it to the Favorites album. A photo or video can be part of another album as well as Favorites.
Hide photos you want to keep but not show. Touch and hold a photo, then choose Hide. The photo is moved to the Hidden album. Touch and hold a hidden photo to Unhide it.
Remove a photo or video from an album. Tap the photo or video, tap , then tap Delete Photo. The photo or video is removed from the album and from the Photos tab.
Delete a photo or video from Photos. Tap the Photos tab, tap the photo or video, tap , then tap Delete Photo or Delete Video. Deleted photos and videos are kept in the Recently Deleted album on iPhone, with a badge showing the remaining days until the item is permanently removed from iPhone. To delete the photo or video permanently before the days expire, tap the item, tap Delete, then tap Delete Photo or Delete Video. If you use iCloud Photo Library, deleted photos and videos are permanently removed from all your devices using iCloud Photo Library with the same Apple ID.
Recover a deleted photo or video. In the Recently Deleted album, tap the photo or video, tap Recover, then tap Recover Photo or Recover Video to move the item to the Camera Roll or, if you use iCloud Photo Library, the All Photos album.

iPhone 7 Pro Tutorial View photos and videos

iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos
The Photos app lets you view the photos and videos:
  • Taken with Camera on iPhone
  • Stored in iCloud
  • Shared from others
  • Synced from your computer
  • Saved from an email, text message, webpage, or screenshot Tap to viewfull screen. The Photos app includes tabs for Photos, Shared, and Albums.
  • Tap Photos to see all your photos and videos, organized by Years, Collections, and Moments. To quickly browse the photos in a collection or year, touch and hold for a moment, then drag.
  • Tap Shared to see photos and videos you shared with others or that others shared with you.
  • Tap Albums to see how photos and videos are organized into albums on your iPhone.
View all your photos and videos. By default, Photos displays a representative subset of your photos when you view by year or by collection. To see all your photos and videos, go to Settings > Photos & Camera, then turn off Summarize Photos.

iPhone 7 Tutorial Edit photos and trim videos

You can edit photos right on iPhone. If your photos are stored in iCloud, your edits are updated across all your devices set up with iCloud, and both your original and edited versions are saved on your iPhone storage. If you delete a photo, it’s deleted from all your devices and iCloud. Photo app extensions can provide special editing options.

iPhone 7 Guide Edit a photo.
View the photo full screen, tap Edit, then tap one of the tools. To edit a photo not taken with iPhone, tap the photo, tap Edit, then tap Duplicate and Edit.
  • Auto-enhance improves a photo’s exposure, contrast, saturation, and other qualities.
  • With the Remove Red-eye tool , tap each eye that needs correcting.
  • Tap , and Photos suggests an optimal crop, but you can drag the corners of the grid tool to set your own crop. Move the wheel to tilt or straighten the photo. Tap Auto to align the photo with the horizon, and tap Reset to undo alignment changes. Tap to rotate the photo 90 degrees. Tap to choose a standard crop ratio, such as 2:3 or Square.
  • Tap Adjustments to set Light, Color, and B&W (black & white) options. Tap the down arrow, then tap next to Light, Color, or B&W to choose the element you want to adjust. Move the slider to the desired effect.
  • Compare the edited version to the original. Touch and hold the photo to view the original. Release to see your edits.
  • Don’t like the results? Tap Cancel, then tap Discard Changes. Tap Done to save changes. Revert to original. After you edit a photo and save your edits, you can revert to the original image. Tap the image, tap Edit, then tap Revert.

iPhone 7 Guide Trim a video.

iPhone 7 Guide to Organize and Edit Photos and Videos
Tap the screen to display the controls, drag either end of the frame viewer, then tap Trim.
Important: If you choose Trim Original, the trimmed frames are permanently deleted from the iPhone 7 original video. If you choose Save as New Clip, a new trimmed video clip is saved in your Videos album and the original video is unaffected.
Set the Slo-Mo section of a video. Use the vertical bars beneath the frame viewer to set the section of the video you want to play in slow motion. Advertisement