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Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials

Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials

Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorial
Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials- Learn how to use your Xiaomi Mi Max with the large screen shortcuts at your fingertips. The largest-ever capacity battery with Xiaomi phone, battery life is amazing. General phone can play video 7 to 10 hours, Xiaomi Mi Max in the actual test can play video more than 14 hours, even more than to see drama there is no problem.

Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials

Try the new suspension features ball: You can return, screen shots, micro-letters, notes, and even Alipay "scan code to pay" in-app functions are defined in suspension ball, tap, one stroke can access. It has been suspended in the edge of the screen, you can drag it to any location easily. When not in use automatically and transparently, without blocking content.

Big screen, play games
Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials
Every day we light up the screen more than 100 times, if you light up the screen you can see a different exquisite pictorial nice. MIUI more than 50 senior media and depth of cooperation, you can see the beauty of Harper's Bazaar, National Geographic beauty, Artand the outstanding artists lit screen. Can choose from 12 categories, each lit 6.44 "big screen is a great start feeling. Big screen to play games not only grand horizons, as well as precise control experience. To upgrade soon, you have to use the big screen.

Xiaomi Mi Max Switching models
Large screen, easy to read the novel a display text more, without frequent flip, magazines and comics pictures can see it clearly, Comfortable reading size, comparable to a professional e-book reader.
Shooting, editing, special effects, soundtrack. Your first movie complete with a cell phone. With a large screen easily view reports, documents, PPT, without magnification, can see clear. You can modify the content directly on your phone, and productive on Large screen, increase office efficiency. Large screen, traffic routes at a glance, Driving can easily see the navigation, the driver was safe enough to search addresses, easy to enter the big screen.

Xiaomi Mi Max MIUI 8
Tutorial use and update MIUI 8, you can proudly say to a friend. After the ultra-high definition video shot using a mobile phone, without the need to import computers, mobile phones will be able to use the clip, add filters, with a subtitle or soundtrack option, just a few minutes to complete the movie. Get out your first movie to share second shot or circle of friends, so that friends surprise it.

Smart Album
Easy to take pictures, sorting difficult, this time to us to take care of it! Massive photos, classified by year, more panoramas dynamically show presented in a way. For screenshots, it will show the proportion of shots to complete, but also help you label shots from which applications. Circle of friends made over the map, also shows the intimate photo selection when prompted. Album is not just smart photo storage, display, sorting, editing, sharing swordsmen not only used to keep photos.

Xiaomi Mi Max Dual Micro Signal

Xiaomi Mi Max Tutorials
Open on two computer QQ, a game or two accounts easily, open on two micro-letters or phone with two watches is hand travel accounts. MIUI 8 to help you solve the problem from the system level, micro-letters, games, QQ and other most applications, you can install two. Two micro-channel, a working circle a living area, two game account, the size of the number switch at any time.There are 2 out of 3 smart card slot, and then expand an additional 128GB. Makes you excited is the big screen, but also high-end performance with 6.44 "large screen may be the reason you love it, do not forget, it is a high performance phone. Qualcomm 652/650 high-end processor, and 16MP phase focusing the camera, the entire network 3.0, fingerprint recognition, a lot of everything.

High capacity
Highest optional 4GB + 128GB, You can watch video with big battery test on Mi Max Ultra Durable tests on live and if you want to carry more exciting content, we offer a maximum capacity of 128GB version, Advertisement