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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Settings Wi-fi

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Settings Wi-fi

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Settings Wi-fi - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a smartphone with wide range of function. Most Note 7 features of the Note 7 Samsung can only work well when it is connected to a network. When the Samsung Note 7 has a problem related to Wi-Fi connection, it is important to find out the solution to make it possible to connect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Settings Wi-fi

Read here what we want to share about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi settings. The Note 7 Wi-Fi Status Indicators Status bar icons indicate your current Note 7 Wi-Fi connection status:
  • When Wi-Fi is connected, active, and communicating with a wireless Access Point, Wi‑Fi active is displayed in the Status bar.
  • If a Wi-Fi access point is available, but your device is not connected to it, Wi-Fi available is displayed.
It may also display if there is a communication issue with the target wireless Access Point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wi-fi Error
What should we do when the Note7 cannot connect to Wi-Fi? We have listed some important steps to do when your Note 7 error cannot connect to Wi-Fi. If you have a personal Wi-Fi network but you cannot connect to the network, verify your Wi-Fi router is connected to the internet. It is possible that there is a connection problem with your network, so you can contact your internet service provider to ensure it. then if your device still has a problem to connect to the network, maybe there’s you have done any of these activities: loose or disconnected Ethernet cables, DSL or cable connections, telephone cords, USB C cables or power cables which can cause network or internet connection issues. Therefore, perform important troubleshooting below:
  1. Check all the connection to and from your router and, if available, your high speed modem.
  2. Turn off the Wi-Fi router and high-speed modem. If your router or modem doesn’t have a power switch, disconnect the power cord from the back. Wait several minutes, and then turn on the router or modem (or reconnect the power cord).
  3. Open the Wi-Fi settings menu, and then turn the Wi-Fi off, wait for a moment and then turn it back on.
  4. On the mobile device, attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
If you want to use Note Wi-Fi feature, you need access to a wireless access point or hotspot which is commonly known as a Wi-Fi network. If you have found the network to connect to, then do the following steps of the Note7 Settings :
  1. Turn On Note 7 and Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
  2. From the Samsung Note 7 Home screen, touch App.
  3. Touch Settings
  4. Touch Wi-Fi
  5. Touch the slider to turn Wi-Fi on. If there’s a connection problem, turn off Wi-Fi, and then turn it back on.
  6. Touch the network you want to connect to.
  7. If the network is secured, enter a password. Touch ‘show password’ to display the password as you type then touch Connect.
You can settings Note7 wifi with do the Galaxy Note 7 Tutorial steps below to turn on Wi-Fi:
  1. Open the Quick Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  2. Touch the Wi-Fi icon to turn it on or off.
You can change the Note7 Wi-Fi settings, touch and hold the Wi-Fi icon in the Quick Panel to access the Wi-Fi settings menu. When the Wi-Fi is on, you can see all available network that you can connect to.

Input Note 7 in the accuracy of the password you enter when connecting to a network. If your Note7 receive the message “incorrect password” or the Samsung Note 7 “Authentication error occurred,” it means the password may have been entered incorrectly. That is why there’s a menu button to let you know what have you typed when entering password by touching Show Password to display the password as you type. If you are unable to connect using the password, verify the network settings for your router. Overall, if you still experiencing problem connecting your Note 7 to your Wi-Fi network, attempt to connect with another Wi-Fi device. If neither device can connect, contact the device manufacturer or internet service provider to find further solution. Before that read the Samsung Note 7 Tutorial Back up and Reset.

Samsung Note 7 Tutorial Connect to a Public Network
If you want to share Note 7 when you are in a public places which share their network (hotspot), you may connect your Note 7 to the shared network such as at coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, library, etc. You can see the network after turning on the Wi-Fi icon, then try to connect to the network. Usually, you need to perform an additional authentication via the web if you want to connect. Follow the steps below:
  1. Swipe your finger from the top of the screen.
  2. Touch the Wi-Fi Note 7 icon and hold for a moment to enter the Samsung Wi-Fi settings menu.
  3. Turn on the Note7 Wi-Fi, then see the available network.
  4. Touch the network you want to connect to. enter the required password and then tap connect.
  5. If you are not redirected to the web automatically, touch App>Chrome.
  6. Navigate to a website.
  7. Follow the directions on the authentication page to connect to the public network.
Wi-Fi Options Galaxy Note 7
The Wi-Fi settings menu allows you to set up many of your device’s advanced Wi-Fi services Tap for more Advanced options :
  1. Show Wi-Fi pop-up: Receive a pop-up when opening apps if a Wi-Fi network is available.
  2. Smart network switch: Connect automatically to a mobile network connection when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
  3. Wi-Fi notifications: Receive notifications when Wi-Fi networks in range are detected.
  4. Hotspot 2.0: Automatically connect to Wi‑Fi access points that support Hotspot 2.0.
  5. Manage networks: Manage your saved Wi‑Fi networks.
  6. WPS push button: Set up a connection to a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) router or other equipment.
  7. WPS PIN entry: View the PIN used by your device to set up a PIN-secured connection to a Wi-Fi router or other equipment (not configurable).
  8. Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Specify when to disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  9. Install network certificates: Install authentication certificates.
You can dial the emergency telephone number in your region regardless of the phone’s cellular service status.

How to Make an Emergency Call using Samsung Note 7
You can dial the emergency telephone number from your Galaxy Note7 smartphone whether or not cellular service has been activated. You can use Note 7 wifi calling too. If your phone is not activated, you can only make an emergency call.
1. From a Home screen, tap Phone.
2. Enter the emergency telephone number (911 in North America) and tap Call.
3. Complete your call. During this type of call, you have access to most in-call features.

Call Emergency Services from a Note 7 Locked Screen
The emergency telephone number can be dialed even if the phone is locked, allowing anyone to use your phone to call for help in an emergency. When accessed from a Note7 locked screen, only the Note 7 emergency calling feature is accessible to the caller. The rest of the phone remains secured

The Note 7 is important to always connected to the network, so that your Note 7 can really does what it can do. You can use it to send or share your moment, images or videos to anybody else when your device is connected. That is why if you have any trouble dealing with connecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to a network, please feel free to send a question to us. We’ll be glad to help and thank's to visit and read the Samsung Note 7 Settings Advertisement