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Galaxy S8 Diagnostic Test

Galaxy S8 Diagnostic Test

Galaxy S8 tips and tricks
Galaxy S8 Diagnostic Test - Keep your Galaxy S8/S8+ performing at its the best. Nothing to worry using this phone, for now Samsung performing hard test for this Galaxy S8 before release to the market. And there are online support to keep your Galaxy S8 on best performance, you can improve and speed up by read this manual that guide you to maintenance your S8 with tutorial tips and tricks.

Galaxy S8 Diagnostic Test

Optimize your Galaxy S8/S8+ by getting remote diagnoses available at Support Member Only. If a visit to the Samsung Galaxy S8 service center is needed, find the nearest one and schedule an appointment.
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Galaxy S8 Manual Run a Diagnostic Test
  1. Run device diagnostics hardware diagnostics being carried out for sensors
  2. View the progress of the diagnosis results of hardware diagnostics
  3. Checking your phone's hardware status is fast and easy
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Device Maintenance

You can do this maintenance feature by Samsung Galaxy S8 provides an overview of the status of your device’s battery, storage, RAM, and system security. You can also automatically optimise the device with a tap of your finger.

Using the Galaxy S8 Quick Optimisation Feature
On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → FIX NOW or OPTIMISE NOW.
The quick optimisation feature improves device performance through the following actions.
  1. Clearing some memory.
  2. Deleting unnecessary files and closing apps running in the background.
  3. Managing abnormal battery usage.
  4. Scanning for malware.
Improve Galaxy S8 Battery
Check the remaining battery power and time to use the device. For Galaxy S8 with low battery levels, conserve battery power by activating power saving features by read this following manual instructions:.
  • On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → Battery.
The usage time left shows the time remaining before the battery power runs out. Usage time left may vary depending on your device settings and operating conditions. You cannot receive notifications from apps that use Galaxy S8 power saving mode.

Managing the Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery

You can save battery power by read this Galaxy S8 tips and tricks preventing apps that are running in the background from using battery power when they are not being used.
  1. Tick apps from the apps list and tap SAVE POWER.
  2. Tap → Advanced settings to set app power monitor options.
You can set the Galaxy S8/S8+ to charge the battery more quickly.
  • Tap → Advanced settings and tap the Fast cable charging switch to activate it.
Galaxy S8 tips and tricks

Improve Galaxy S8 Storage

To check the status of the used and available memory.
  • On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → Storage.
The actual available capacity of the internal memory is less than the specified capacity because the operating system and default apps occupy part of the memory. The available capacity may change when you update Galaxy S8.

Increase Samsung Galaxy S8 Memory

This tips help you to improve your Samsung Galaxy S8 speed test by increase S8 memory. The smart tips for Galaxy S8 to delete residual files, such as cache, junk files here is:
  • On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → Storage, CLEAN NOW.
To delete files or uninstall apps that you do not use any more, select a category under User data. Then, tick items to select and tap DELETE or UNINSTALL.
Galaxy S8 Test

Speed Up Galaxy S8 RAM
Galaxy S8 tips to speed up your device by reducing the amount of RAM you are using, tick apps from the apps list,
  • On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → RAM, tap CLEAN NOW.
Galaxy S8 Security

Check the Galaxy S8 security status. This feature scans your device for malware.
On the Settings screen, tap Device maintenance → Device security.

Manage the device’s apps and change their settings. You can view the Galaxy S8 apps’ usage
information, change their notification or permission settings, or uninstall or disable
unnecessary apps.
  • On the Settings screen, tap Applications.