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Google Pixel Battery Problems and Solutions How to Fix

Google Pixel Battery Problems and Solutions How to Fix

Google Pixel Battery Problems and Solutions - How to Fix Learn here to fix Google Pixel battery with our tips to help your Google Pixel 2 phone battery life longer and get the most tricks for your device.

Google Pixel Battery Problems and Solutions How to Fix

Google Pixel 2 Battery Problems and Solutions How to Fix
If your Pixel battery running low now, for emergency mode please turn on battery saver mode. Now a low battery's power more efficient. Your Google Android isn't the same with another smartphone. Follow this Google Pixel instructions are for devices running Android 7.0, 8.0 and next update.

Google Pixel Battery Tips

Use the manufacturer power adapter that came with your Pixel or Google Pixel 2 because another power adapters and chargers can be slowly to charge, but not at all. The un authorized power charger can be damage your device or battery.

Keep your device not too hot avoid situations while overheat can shorten life of your device.

The battery drain much faster while it's hot, even you're not using it. To prever battery drain use a mobile network if neceessary to prevent damage your battery.

If your Pixel problem warms up when it's plugged in, turn off your device while charging and read How to Charge Google Pixel Phone Correctly

How much capacity the battery has full charged?
The battery level indicator will show you, unplug if fully chargered.

You can improve Google Pixel battery life by follow this tutorial :
Choose Pixel settings that use less batteryChange screen display
Let your screen turn off sooner

How to Fix Google Pixel Battery Problems

If your Pixel battery drain fast pleass set a shorter time before your screen turns off, here' how:

Open your device's Settings app Settings.

Tap Display and then Sleep.

Pick 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

You can fix battert problem by reduce screen brightness

The Pixel 2 XL 3520mAh, to save battery, lower your screen’s brightness.

At the top of Quick Settings, move the slider left.

Have screen brightness change automatically

To save battery, have your screen’s brightness change with the light around you.

Open your device's Settings app Settings.

Tap Display.

Switch on Adaptive brightness.

Close live backdrop

You can spare battery life by turning on live backdrop. Figure out how to change the backdrop.

Kill notice lights

In the event that your gadget has a LED notice light, you can spare battery control by killing this light. Figure out how.

Close the console sound and vibration

You can spare battery life by shutting the console and vibrations of your gadget. Figure out how.

Diminish foundation battery transfer

Continue upgrading the battery

Applications just utilize the battery of your gadget when they require battery enhancement for all applications. Figure out how to keep up battery streamlining.

Simply shut the application if things turn out badly

Exchanging applications does not need to spare battery. You don't have to close the application unless something turns out badly.

On the off chance that there is a major issue with the application, you can stop this application. It totally shuts the application, including foundation benefits that can be utilized as a part of the battery. Figure out how to stop an application.

Close High Drain Features

On the off chance that you don't utilize it, you can spare battery by killing and shutting the hot pot. Find out about withdrawals

You can change your propelled WiFi settings to empower WiFi when the screen is off. Find out about WiFi settings.

Expel unused record

Since the record is low on the gadget, the battery can save battery life. With various records on this gadget, gadget proprietors can erase idle clients. Advertisement