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How to Fix a Swollen Cell Phone Battery

How to Fix a Swollen Cell Phone Battery

How to Fix a Swollen Battery
How to Fix a Swollen Cell Phone Battery - The most battery problems of swollen mobile phone battery is often experienced by many people when it was long used her cell phone. The long time used make the mobile phone battery will usually turn out to be extra size. Here our cell phone battery tips most used.

How to Fix a Swollen Cell Phone Battery

Battery changes not fixed your problem, in this battery problem indicates that the battery indication has been leaked, so the battery will quickly run out and have to be in-charge many times. Swollen battery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode so becarefull if your battery became hot during in use.

Can a swollen battery be fixed?
How to Fix a Swollen Cell Phone Battery

The easiest solution to solve this problem is to buy a new battery. However, if you are has the problem of funds to buy new battery, let alone difficult to find these types of batteries on the market, this time the our team had solution so you can save the mobile phone battery.

How to Fix a Swollen Battery?

This way was tested by manual-tutorials.com tried exposing the other side battery has leaked out and bad on danger, do not try please.

Swollen Cell Phone Battery Tips

You can follow these battery tips to fix your swollen battery:
  1. First of all, put the battery into a wrapper and entering them into freezers (refrigerators).
  2. After saving the battery in the freezer, waiting for 12 hours.
  3. When it is finished, remove the battery from inside the refrigerator and wipe the battery packaging section. Lithium ion battery swelling fix.

Because it is still in cold conditions, clean the battery by using a cotton swab or tissue so it's not watery.

Before use, make sure that the battery is fully charged again with in-charge separately.

Fully charged the battery insert into the new phone and switch it on again.

The battery test mobile phone battery look managed to become normal and can be reused as appropriate.

Well, for those of you who are curious, you can search swollen battery freezer video on YouTube. Good luck, hope much swollen battery iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Nokia, HTC or any your cellphone can fix. We want to hears from you in a comment or video. Advertisement