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iPhone 7 Multiple Messages

iPhone 7 Multiple Messages

iPhone 7 Guide Multiple MessagesiPhone 7 User Guide - iPhone Pro in one week, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are far more anticipated. In here we will talk about iPhone 7 Tutorial Multiple Messages. The iPhone likely won’t hit store shelves until late September but since they represent the biggest launches of 2016, iPhone 7 have already begun rolling in. The world’s most accurate Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo started things off by revealing some early iPhone 7 specs, and the new top of the range 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus variant called the iPhone 7 Pro, wait until the iPhone 7 release date.

iPhone 7 Multiple Messages

iPhone 7 Tutorial to delete, move, or mark multiple messages on iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro. While viewing a list of messages, tap Edit. To select some messages, then choose an action. If you make a mistake, shake iPhone immediately to undo. Manage a message with a swipe. While viewing a list of messages, swipe a message to the left to reveal a menu of actions. Swipe all the way to the left to select the first action. You can also swipe a message to the right to reveal another action.
iPhone 7 Multiple Messages

Choose the actions you want to appear in the menus at Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options. Organize your mail with mailboxes. Tap Edit in the mailboxes list to create a new one, or rename or delete one. (Some built-in mailboxes can’t be changed.) There are several smart mailboxes, such as Unread, that show messages from all your accounts. Tap the ones you want to use.

iPhone 7 Recover a deleted message. Go to the account’s Trash mailbox, open the message, then tap and move the message. Or, if you just deleted it, shake iPhone to undo. To see deleted messages across all your accounts, add the Trash mailbox. To add it, tap Edit in the mailboxes list, then select it in the list.

iPhone 7 Archive instead of delete. Instead of deleting messages, you can archive them so they’re still
around if you need them. Select Archive Mailbox in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > account name > Account > Advanced. To delete a message instead of archiving it, touch and hold , then tap Delete.

iPhone 7 Stash your trash. You can set how long deleted messages stay in the Trash mailbox. Go to
Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > account name > Account > Advanced.

iPhone 7 Multiple Messages

Tutorial to send one message to Multiple recipients at a time:
    iPhone 7 Multiple Messages
  • Tap on the “Messages” app on your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro to open it.
  • Tap on the square icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen to begin a new message. Once the new message window is open, you’ll notice a blue and white plus sign (+) at the very far right side of the “To:” field.
  • Tap on this button to open your address book. Scroll to the first person you wish to add to your mass-text list and tap their name. Their number will automatically be placed in the “To:” field of the text. Repeat this process until all of your recipients have been chosen.
In other ways, instead of clicking the plus sign and scrolling on your iPhone through your list, you can type the first couple of letters for each person’s name in the “To:” field. A list of all people whose names begin with those numbers will show up and you can simply tap on the one you want to have it added to the “To:” field then after one of your contacts have been selected, simply type your message and hit the “Send” button as normal. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when sending mass texts in this manner:

If the contact has more than one number listed in your address book on your iPhone's, you will be given the option to choose which of their numbers you wish to send the message to. Make sure to only select a mobile number during this tutorial: When you send a message to multiple recipients, they will all be able to see each others’ phone numbers. If you have a contact who isn’t a close friend or family member, always get their permission before including them in mass texting lists. If you want to include a person in this mass text who isn’t already in your contact list, you can either first add them to Contacts or simply manually type in their number.
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