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Apple iPhone 8 Update and Review

Apple iPhone 8 Update and Review

Apple iPhone 8 Update and Review
Apple iPhone 8 Update and Review - Apple as the giant manufacturer of smartphone is really keeping consumers’ respects for all released devices. The proof is seemed obviously from people’s reaction and excitement of the planning of launching new iPhone device. We can see right now how people are eagerly waiting and wondering about everything related to iPhone 8 update. As we all know, iPhone 7 is not released yet. It still on the way to the launching day, but people put their special attention to the iPhone 8 which is planned to be launched at the fall of 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 Update and Review

Well, people assume that iPhone 8 will be designed extraordinary since 2017 is iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Actually we have no thing officially announced by Apple about the launch of iPhone 8. Probably people’s expectation about iPhone 8 is because Apple always giving what people want to be on a smartphone. while the iPhone 8 is still so far from its release date, iPhone 7 is so close to be released. This fact is not stopping people to get excited about the next iteration of this coveted flagship device, iPhone 8. So, as mysteries taking shape over the iPhone 8 day by day, we are trying to decrypt this technological wonder device. Step by step we will update all detail information to give a better understanding about Apple iPhone 8 Review.
Apple iPhone 8

1. Apple iPhone 8 Features and specifications
We always hope that iPhone 8 will be the answer of all people’s expectations. We are looking for what we are missing from the other smartphone to be on iPhone 8. So far, iPhone series has been stunning for all users especially for its superlative devices. iPhone series often make people overwhelmed with their innovative technology. This is also what we can see from the excitement of people of Apple iPhone 8 Review. For real, we can’t make a review of something that doesn’t exist, but at least we can combine all expectations and rumors looming larger about iPhone 8 to make closely reasonable review. Based on some rumors, Apple iPhone 8 is designed with its curved display. iPhone 8 is expected to come up with something unique and innovative to mark this suspicious occasion. That is why it is said to firstly feature curved display for iPhone 8. Apple must be working so hard right now to decode the formula of this unbelievable technology, and if Apple successfully incorporate the curved display for the upcoming device, iPhone 8, truly Apple will get a huge lead over other manufacturers regarding uniqueness. Let’s hope that all rumors about this brand new display to come true, so that iPhone 8 can be the first of iPhone series to feature a curved display. Still based on some rumors, it is said that iPhone 8 will eliminate the home button and replace it with the touch ID. All these rumors because they are thinking that Apple will completely revamp the design of the iPhone 8. Anyway, what iPhone 8 will be still mystery. Let’s keep searching for any update to figure out what the upcoming iPhone 8 will be.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Display
Anytime Apple launch new device of iPhone series, we found that they always improve the display technology. that is why it is not excessive if we have high expectation of iPhone 8 display to be much better the all ever released devices. as Apple is increasing the display size when they release new device with each new iteration, there is a speculation about iPhone 8 display. The speculation expects iPhone 8 to flaunt a bigger screen size than the iPhone7 which is also not release yet. Based on this speculation, iPhone 8 is expected to come with a 5.7-inch screen. The display technology of the upcoming iPhone 8 is more likely to switch to the OLED display from the traditional IPS display. If the speculation is true, there are some advantages of using OLED display which offers a better and wider viewing angle as well as improved brightness. The other advantages of OLED display is the display efficiency that is much higher that the IPS display plus the color density is more vivid. OLED display also can help to optimize the power consumption because this OLED display can work without ‘backlight’. Bigger screen size is not the only rumors about iPhone 8 display. It is said that iPhone 8 will come with the utmost pixel resolution, most likely the 4K display with 4096 × 2160-pixel resolution and will be covered with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass technology.

3. Internal Storage
Internal storage is what the iPhone users mostly complained about. It is because Apple doesn’t provide any microSD card option in the handsets. If Apple then decides to include a little more spaces into the upcoming iPhone 8, it will be a good news for iPhone users. Depending on this internal storage capacity, it is speculated that iPhone 8 will be launched in different variants: the basic model with 64GB of internal storage and the upgraded variant with possibility of internal storage about 128GB, while the premium model with 256GB if internal storage space

4. Apple iPhone 8 Camera
When we talk about iPhone camera, it is likely nothing to complain about. It can be said that camera quality of iPhone is the best of all. In accordance to this facts, iPhone 8 is expected to come with a 15-megapixel rear camera autofocus, optical image stabilization, and 4K-recording capabilities. We are not stopping here about the iPhone 8 camera, where the primary shooter is expected to feature the upgraded ISOCELL sensors for clicking clear images even in the low lights. There is also possibility of the company to introduce the dual sensor technology for the first time to capture clear images of the moving bodies and remove the noise while capturing video. Meanwhile, the front camera is speculated to come with a 6-megapixel with autofocus and OIS technology for video chat and take selfies.

5. Apple iPhone 8 Processor, RAM, and Operating System
Apple always unveils a new processor with its flagship smartphone, so if this also happens to iPhone 8, we are going to see a brand new A10 Quad Core processor comes packed with this upcoming iPhone 8. There are many rumors said that iPhone 8 will be powered by a TSMC and ARM-based 7nm chipset. iPhone 8 is also expected to house with 4 GB of RAM and should run on the iOS 11 operating system. You can imagine the combination of these technology will enable iPhone 8 to handle high-end graphics and multitasking

6. Apple iPhone 8 Battery
What a smartphone can do without supporting battery life? It is more likely nothing when a great smartphone is not supported by a powerful battery life. This could be a deep consideration for iPhone 8 to increase the battery capacity so that all great power consumption of some advanced features can be handled well. Based on some speculations, it is possible for iPhone 8 battery life to be powered by a 2800mAh battery which will be able to provide the users about 18 hours of 4G usage. It is also more likely the iPhone 8 wireless charger will come with a new devices.

It is an endless discussion when we are trying to decode the technology of Apple iPhone 8. There are so many expectations for the flagship. That is why we will always keep our eyes and ears to gather all closely information to unveil what the iPhone 8 will be and serve everything we know in this Apple iPhone 8 Review. Advertisement