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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the large-screen phone with elegantly curved design and Samsung’s leading camera. Because it is a Galaxy Note, it is also equipped with a new S Pen functionality which is designed more stylus. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 heat the market with a capability of water-resistant. This capability allows you to drops or splash liquid upon it, and even soak it for a few moments without damaging it. of course afterward you need to dry it as soon as possible to keep it safe.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall
The Note 7 is designed to maximize the screen space, while minimizing its body. The larger screen makes it heavier than most of today’s phone, but it is worthy with so many good points inside it. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brings back a microSD card slot to give extra storage and an IP68 water-resistance rating, that makes the Note 7 as the first Note phone that’s both waterproof and dustproof to a point. There are so many things to see in the Note 7, but here we have gather all you need to know about it in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released on August 19th in the US and Australia, and September 2nd in the UK. The large screen phone is design with a stylish curved glass design with Gorilla Glass 5. The Note 7 screen wraps around the left and right side of the handset with space-age curved glass, makes it like futuristic-looking edge-to-edge display. Be careful when handling it, its curve cause more false touches although it rarely happens. Its big design sometimes makes it hard to hold with one hand. Samsung gives four color options: Black Onyx, Titanium Silver, Gold Platinum, and Coral Blue. Probably not all colors available for all countries, but you can take a preorder from abroad when you want to have certain color that is not available in your country.

The Note 7 redesigned with a new TouchWiz menus, and those menus are more seamless than you remember when using its predecessors. It is easy to navigate its interface that makes finding apps, widgets and settings a breeze. It is also very easy to arrange your favorite apps. You can move an app by pilling them into a temporary dock at the top, then slide them along to the home screen you want it to be and drop it there. Although this Note 7 is having a bit problem in messaging app and a seamless video calling experience, which is actually the same problem among Android devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has an amazing display, with spacious 5.7-inch AMOLED screen with same color-rich Super AMOLED panel and pixel-dense 2K resolution. 0.2-inches of additional screen space makes it better for reading a few more words without scrolling. The resolution describes images in closely to real color. The Note 7 has a sensitive capacitive buttons and those are quite annoying when you are using it. But you can really enjoy its big, bright and colorful display for watching movies and playing games. It will be a great experience enjoying any fun activities with its great display. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers convenience for enjoying any sort of multimedia. There is a bit problem for gamers with its curved screen that can be irksome for a chance to make a mistake near the edge of the display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review
S Pen
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers more convenience for catching ideas with the Note 7 S Pen that is designed with this stylus embed right in the phone for easy carrying. This is more likely a smart S Pen that allows you to write or draw something on the screen even without unlocking the screen and if the display is unlit. The Note 7 S Pen is also designed to be used anytime and anywhere even when it is wet. The off-screen memos return for jotting down notes on the unlit screen as soon as the embedded pen is unsheathed. The S Pen is also gives you more functionality not only for taking a quick memo because it also has capability as a GIF maker. This pen allows you to record just about any moving image and turn it into an animated GIF. There are many cooler stuffs you can do with this S Pen. If you need more information about the Note 7 S Pen, you can read our review of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen.

Iris Scanner
It is a new feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iris scanner. It is a Note 7 Security feature allows you to unlock your Note 7, open any specific app, files and photos with your eyes. It is not the breakthrough eye scanning technology like it sounds and this feature doesn’t mean to replace the fingerprint sensor home button. It is just an additional option for unlocking the Note 7, or opening password protected folders, files, apps, or anything else behind a second layer of security. The iris scanner is quite helpful when it is difficult for you to use your hands or fingers because of any reasons. This iris scanner also works well enough in the dark, although using iris scanner is not as quick as using fingerprint sensor, but it still pretty good.

Specs and Performance
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is built with the same fast chipset as the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 processor. There is a 64GB internal storage that is more than enough to store all your precious data, and if you need additional space the Note 7 provides a microSD card slot that allows you to have any amount for additional storage space. The Note 7 has capability to run multiple apps without any sort of slow problem. You can slide from one app to another app flawlessly although it is not any faster than Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Battery Life
All features on the Note 7 need to be supported by a battery with bigger capacity. With 3,500mAh battery capacity which is about 17% bigger than battery capacity of the Note 5, it is more than enough to handle all features’ power consumption. With a normal use, the battery life can last for more than a day. if you want to save the battery life to last any longer, you can use a battery saving mode. Although the battery capacity is bigger than it of the Note 5, you won’t need additional time to recharge it.

So far, Samsung cameras are the best among mobile phones for today’s phone. The camera can capture image very well even in a low-light background. With its rear camera of 12MP sensor and a f/1.7 aperture that shows so much details and possible to pick up a vivid color. The front-facing camera uses a 5MP camera with the same f/1.7 aperture and HDR OIS. You can try to measure the camera quality by capturing images in different light conditions. You will see the result that proofs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera is as what we said. It is not very spectacular, but capturing image or recording a video using the Note 7 camera is quite fun. you can also add some effect by changing the camera settings to allow you use the camera as you wish it to be.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S 7 is seemed to be the best big-screen phone with a stylus you can invest your money on. The elegant design with its dual curves make holding it manageable and stylish. The Note 7 S Pen is much better than it of Note 5, that allows you to take more advantages of the pen. Both rear and front-facing camera gives different experience for capturing images in very different way and results. Well, this is a very good choice for fulfilling all needs of a Note phone, especially if money is not one of your issue because its high price. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best investment to give you the best

Note Phone with so many smart features.
Based on some reports, there are some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been catching fire. Because of these reports, Samsung has decided to halt sales and recall any devices that has been bought so far. So, if you are one of Note 7 users, it is important to read the following information to lead you to the way to exchange your Note 7. Actually there are a small number of sold Note 7 devices are reported about this issue, but Samsung has deemed the risks high enough to start a costly global recall. Therefore, if you have hold one of Note 7, it is better for you to return it for a replacement or a refund.

For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in UK you can call Samsung’s customer service team number on 0330 7261000. They will guide you how to return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a replacement. You can also contact someone on a live chat on Samsung’s support website to get further advice so that you can return your Note 7 for a replacement. For the Note 7 owners in the US, the company offers a replacement with a new Galaxy Note 7 or a Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note 7 accessories. They also offer a $25 gift card or credit off their carried bill to the Note 7 owners. It is too risky if you don’t return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a replacement, therefore if you can’t get any guide from the above advices, you can also bring your Note 7 back to the store where you bought it. Ask them about the returning process to get the replacement. If you bought the Note 7 in an online store, you can contact any person of the store to ask about how to return the Note 7.

It is possibly that Samsung needs time to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but it is better than losing your investment for getting it caught on fire. You won’t get any refund if you keep the risk on your own. Advertisement