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Samsung DeX Beginners Settings

Samsung DeX Beginners Settings

Samsung Dex Guide
Samsung DeX Beginners Settings - Have you get Samsung Dex, buy now before promotion period ended. Learn how to settings and connect to TV or monitor with Samsung DeX here.

Samsung DeX Beginners Settings

Samsung Dex price from $150 - $175 make you easy use your Galaxy S8 or other mobile device’s on TV or monitor with large display. Samsung DeX beginners guide, you can also connect to the projector for great presentations complete with other device such as a mouse and keyboard.

Samsung Dex Specs
Samsung Dex Specs

Here Samsung DeX specification:
Dimension (WxHxD) 105.2 x 105.2 x 47.5 mm
Weight 231.07 g
Power Type Type-C
Samsung DeX Port
  1. HDMI 2.0
  2. LAN 100Mbps
  3. USB 2.0 x 2 USB ports
Samsung DeX Tips

Precautionary using Samsung DeX:
  1. You can utilize the mixed media dock just when you associate it to a charger.
  2. Connect just a console, mouse, or a USB stockpiling gadget to the media dock's USB ports. Charging gadgets or interfacing high-limit gadgets with these ports may not work appropriately.
  3. Prevent the fan vent and cell phone connector inside from coming into contact with fluids or clean. Presentation to fluid or clean may bring about the sight and sound dock not to work appropriately.
  4. Do not move the cell phone while it is associated with the interactive media dock. Doing as such may harm the cell phone connector.
  5. When you utilize the cell phone's voice acknowledgment subsequent to associating the sight and sound dock to your cell phone, the voice acknowledgment may not perform well.
  6. When you dispatch or detach Samsung DeX mode, the at present running applications will close with the exception of some applications.
  7. You can't dispatch Samsung DeX mode if your cell phone is in the accompanying modes: the power sparing mode, ultra power sparing mode, execution mode, crisis mode, and experimental mode.
  8. If the TV or screen don't bolster HDCP (High-transfer speed Digital Content Protection), the Samsung DeX mode screen may not be shown.
  9. Samsung DeX mode just backings Full HD determination, and some substance on your cell phone might be shown contrastingly on the TV or screen.
  10. The accessible time for battery utilization can be diminished when you utilize Samsung DeX mode.
  11. If you change the settings on Samsung DeX mode, the cell phone's settings will be changed also. A few settings of the cell phone may not be changed regardless of the possibility that you change the settings on Samsung DeX mode.
  12. Download the firmware from the server to refresh Samsung DeX mode to the most recent form. It is accessible just when associated with a Wi-Fi organize.

Samsung DeX App
You can download or launch exclusive apps for Samsung DeX from official Samsung and playstore when available.

How to Launch Samsung DeX App?
Samsung Dex Guide: Launch apps installed on the mobile device on the Samsung DeX mode.
  • Select the Apps button and then select → Apps for Samsung DeX.
When selecting the Apps button, your mobile device’s apps list will appear. Select an app and
launch it. Some apps may not be available when using Samsung DeX mode. You can open several apps and launch them at the same time and multitask as you use the computer.

Samsung DeX Settings
Samsung DeX Beginners Settings

The Samsung DeX beginners settings help you setting your DeX. The DeX settings options only appear when launching Samsung DeX.
Manual to configure your Samsung DeX settings mode.
  • Launch the Settings app on the connected TV or monitor and select Samsung DeX.
Here the Samsung Dex options on app:
  1. Screen timeout for Samsung DeX: Set how long Samsung DeX mode waits before turning off the display’s backlight.
  2. Wallpapers for Samsung DeX: Change the Samsung DeX mode wallpaper settings for the Home screen and the locked screen.
  3. Pointer speed: Adjust the pointer speed for the mouse.
  4. Show virtual keyboard in Samsung DeX: Show a virtual keyboard on the connected screen when you connect the keyboard.
  5. About Samsung DeX: View the Samsung DeX software information and update your Samsung DeX’s software.

Samsung DeX Screen Mirroring

The mobile device’s screen will remain on and appear on the connected TV or monitor. View your mobile device’s various content on the wide screen of the connected TV or monitor.
You can use Screen mirroring mode without connecting a keyboard or mouse.

Control the screen with the connected mobile device.

How to change Samsung Dex screen mode?

To change the Samsung Dex screen mode, launch the Settings app on the connected TV, monitor, or mobile device:
  • Select Connections → More connection settings → HDMI mode, and then select Samsung DeX or Screen Mirroring.
The screen mode you select will be applied for subsequent connections. Advertisement