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Upcoming iPhone 2019 Rumours: Specs, Features, Camera, and Design

Upcoming iPhone 2019 Rumours: Specs, Features, Camera, and Design

Upcoming iPhone 2019 Rumours: Specs, Features, Camera, and Design - Apple is the leading company of smartphone makers which always comes up with brand new technologies in every released handset. This year will announced iPhone 2019 release date, Apple is expected to reveal its upcoming mobile phone in the early month this year. Just like usual, the upcoming new iPhone Fold of Apple always is one of the most anticipated foldable phones among iPhone 11 its fans. Here is everything we know about the Upcoming iPhone 2019 5G Rumours: Specs, Features, camera, and Design.

Upcoming iPhone 2019 Rumours: Specs, Features, Camera, and Design

upcoming new iPhone Fold of Apple
First of all, we expect the giant company will offer the upcoming iPhone in multiple sizes and at multiple price points as well so that the customers have various options to choose from. Last year, Apple released best phones 2019 the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Since then, people are expecting what iPhone is coming out in 2019 to get a similar line up of the upcoming iPhone this year. Ultimately, we know yet about the upcoming smartphones of Apple, including its possible name, specs, or anything about it officially.

New iPhone 2019 Specs

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Apple is well known for its one-step further technology Folded iPhone Model, though it is not exactly leading in some fields. According to the industry analyst, Apple has been working with TSMC for years to supply processors for iPhone, and apparently, that won’t change for this year. The cooperation may be correlated with Apple’s plans for new iPhone 2019 model. Especially for the upcoming iPhone 2019, the company is expected to use the latest upgraded chips A13 from TSMC which is the supplier of Apple’s chip. The latest chip has some improved performance and efficiency, and the rest of it is likely won’t be much different. It means that it won’t give the significant difference to the upcoming iPhone so that people who have already own the current version don’t actually need to be upset if they don’t upgrade their iPhone with the next generation iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 


Recently updated iOS 12, Apple is reported by Bloomberg not to deliver a 5G iPhone until next year when the infrastructure for the network is ready. While other smartphone makers taking advantages of the iPhone 5G teasing for their selling point, it seems like Apple is taking the other way in the competition. Maybe it is reasonable for Apple not to rush with the 5G network since the users won’t get any advantages of the latest network technology if the carriers are not ready yet. For connectivity, the upcoming iPhone is expected to support for Wi-Fi 6 to provide faster connectivity. Therefore, you don’t need to be upset about the without-5G plans. Based on The Information report, it says that Apple is in progress of developing its own modem in order to replace Intel in iPhones, and possibly the other handsets as well. However, that apparently won’t happen soon this year.

iPhone X Foldable Display

iPhone 2019 display is expected to come with OLED displays, while the other rumours suggest the company to go with an all OLED line up. However, Foldable iPhone Concept Looks Better Than the Galaxy Fold the less expensive model is expected to come again with LCD. There will be three new iPhone models expected to be released this year as the successor for the current iPhone, including the iPhone X Fold. if it is true that Apple Inc is planning to release three smartphones again this year, and all three phones with OLED, we’d be missing the budget-friendly model which is very much helpful for people who want to hold an iPhone without breaking too deep into their wallet. Or maybe the three iPhones expected with OLED will come with normal size leaving a chance for the other model to be different from the three line up. Anyway, the other rumours believe that the company will stick with the affordable LEDs since the price of OLED displays Apple iPhone 11 is far higher these days.

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Recent rumours suggest the upcoming iPhone will feature a triple-lens camera. For the other models which potentially will be the successor to the iPhone XR & iPhone XS are rumoured to feature a dual-lens camera. So far, no one knows for sure about the triple-lens camera expected to come with the upcoming iPhone, but rumours suggest to include benefits like 3x optical zoom capabilities, improved 3D sensing for augmented reality purposes, better performance in low light. Though Apple doesn’t confirm any of the surfaced speculations of what the camera of the future iPhone will look like, people are enthusiastically hoping that the next iPhone generation will come with a revamped front-facing TrueDepth camera system. Now, you can imagine the fancy look of the iPhone without any disturbing notch at the top-front of the screen, if it comes true. Although it is still unclear about how Apple would pull the notch off, we believe that Apple has some technologies allowing that possibility.

Apple Pencil for iPhone


It has been so long for people to expect Apple Pencil support to iPhone lineup. Last year, people were so upset when there was no Apple Pencil support for the iPhone 2018. Now, we’ve got a clue for our new hope that this year could be the time for the long-awaited Apple Pencil support for the upcoming iPhone. It is The Korea Herald’s sources who claimed that Apple seems to be considering the possibility for adding Apple Pencil support for the next generation of iPhone. The report then said that a supercapacitor stylus might be the option for Apple since it is cheaper to manufacture than the electromagnetic-resonance technology as it is used by Samsung Fold for its S Pen. We don’t know about how it will look like yet, but it is expected that the Apple technology will add some advantage for the Apple Pencil to make it feel more like a pencil as it is also mentioned on the report.

Well, the Apple plan to release the next generation of the iPhone may take months from now. However, new iphone 2019 price tags starting at $999 for iPhone XS, while the XR is priced starting at $749. it doesn’t stop people from spying on the Upcoming iPhone 2019 Rumours: Specs, Features, camera, and Design. Apple release the new generation of iPhone every year, and people are still keeping their hopes to see anything new on the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. This year could be the time for the next hope for the foldable iPhone to come with improved features and hardware. One of the expected improvements is the in-screen fingerprint sensor. It has been years since rumours first surfaced about Apple’s planning for working on such a virtual fingerprint sensor. Last year we got nothing about this virtual fingerprint sensor on the iPhone11. Now, all eyes are on 2019. It is expected that the sensor would sit underneath the iPhone’s display. Hopefully, it happens this year for the iPhone 2019. Advertisement