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HTC 10 Manual

HTC 10 Manual

HTC 10 Manual Guide
HTC 10 Manual - HTC 10 User Guide, this HTC is going to ditch "One" naming convention for its next smartphone, and simply the HTC 10. This goes with the teaser the company sent to press reading from Power of 10. Let's keep our fingers crossed these changes will be good. Here's everything we know about the HTC One M10 or HTC 10 Tutorial.

HTC 10 Manual

The HTC 10 launch date is overwhelming thought to be happening sometime in April, with the latest date floating around being Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Other rumors have pointed to an even sooner late March or April launch, with one suggesting the Taiwanese firm has set a date of April 11 for a One M10 launch event in London. This would be a Monday, meaning it'd be the first weekday after April 10, going with that whole 10 theme.

HTC 10 design and specs

HTC 10 will be slightly bigger and more pixel-dense than either of its predecessors. It's been tipped to use a 5.15-inch quad HD display, not the 5-inch 1080p screen we've seen from HTC before.

The fingerprint-enabled home button looks like it will take away the front-firing stereo speakers we loved about the HTC One M9, but this phone appears to be future-proofed in another way: a USB-C port. The HTC 10 could be waterproof, while another rumor is that the handset will support wireless charging. That's not hugely surprising as wireless charging is growing in popularity, but it's a feature which the One M9 doesn't have. It's also a feature which could prove a challenge to incorporate without a change to the design, as metal cases don't tend to work well for it. Other spec rumors include a 3000mAh battery, up from 2840mAh and a fingerprint scanner built into the home button.

HTC 10 camera

The start of the HTC 10 would include a 23MP camera, up from 20MP on the HTC One M9. Since then a HTC executive has confirmed the One M10 will have a big focus on the camera. Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang said, "We can confidently say that HTC will have a very, very compelling camera experience. We're making this comment after we've seen what's going on in the market."

HTC 10 User Guide

HTC 10 Manual
Use Android Backup Service if you've used it to back up your old phone before. On the Get your app & data screen, tap Restore from this backup. From the menu, choose your old phone if you want to
restore your apps from a previous phone that was backed up using Android Backup Service.
Otherwise, tap Set up as new device. Some features that need to connect to the Internet such as location-based services and auto-sync of your online accounts may incur extra data fees. To avoid incurring data fees, disable these features under Settings. For more information on location services, see Turning location

HTC 10 Manual Restoring content from HTC Backup
If you used HTC Backup before, you can restore your saved backups from your cloud storage to HTC 10

HTC 10 Tutorial Transferring content from an Android phone
On your old Android phone, download the HTC Transfer Tool and use it to transfer your content to HTC 10
The types of locally stored content on your old phone that the HTC 10 Transfer Tool can transfer include contacts, messages, calendar events, music, photos, videos, and some settings. More types of data such as call histories, email accounts, and some HTC app settings can be transferred from HTC 10 phones that have HTC Sense 5.5 or higher.

You need Android version 2.2 or later to use the HTC 10 Transfer Tool on your old phone.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Get content from another phone.
  2. Choose whether to transfer from an HTC Android phone or other Android phone.
  3. On the Get content from another phone screen, tap Next.
  4. Follow the steps shown on HTC One M9 to download the HTC Transfer Tool from Google Play to your old phone, install it, and open the tool.
  5. When you see a PIN on your old phone, make sure the same PIN also appears on HTC 10 before you continue. If the PIN code doesn't appear, tap Retry on your old phone. If it still won't appear, this may mean that your old phone is unable to connect to HTC10. When this happens, try another transfer method.
  6. Tap Confirm on your old phone.
  7. On your old phone, choose the types of content you want to transfer, tap Transfer, and then tap Yes.
  8. Wait for the transfer to finish.
  9. Tap Done on both phones.
HTC 10 Guide transferring content from an iPhone
HTC 10 Manual
If you have an iPhone, there are easy ways to transfer your contacts, messages, and other content to HTC 10. Back up and restore iPhone content through iCloud. To find out how, see Transferring iPhone content through iCloud,

Back up iPhone content using iTunes on your computer, and then use HTC 10 Sync Manager to transfer the content to HTC 10. For details, see Transferring iPhone content and apps to your HTC 10

HTC 10 Manual and Tutorial Transferring iPhone content through iCloud
HTC 10 Manual
If you have an iCloud account, sync iPhone content to your iCloud storage, and then transfer the content to HTC One M9. You can transfer the following types of content from iCloud: contacts, bookmarks, text messages, messages from iMessage®, calendar events, and photos.
1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Get content from another phone.
2. Tap iPhone > Import from iCloud backup.
3. Follow the steps shown onscreen to back up your iPhone content to your iCloud storage.
4. Enter your iCloud email address and password, and then tap Sign in.
5. Choose the iPhone backup that you want to transfer to HTC One M9, and then tap Next.
6. Choose the types of content you want to transfer, and then tap Import.
7. Wait for the transfer to finish, and then tap Done.
Only some contact details can be transferred, such as the contact name, photo, postal address, email address, birthdate, anniversary date, and notes.

HTC 10 Manual PDF

You can visit the HTC 10 official website to download the HTC 10 User Guide / Manual. The short ways you download HTC 10 Manual PDF. Advertisement